The clutch problem turned to be caused by a bad master cylinder.  The master cylinder would not let out the pressure so the clutch stayed partly engaged.  This caused the clutch to slip badly and heat up with no power to the wheels.   All of the clutch parts were within spec so we just put in a new master cylinder and the heavy duty springs.  The report from the salt is that it's hard and dry (also cold). Our plan is to leave Orange County around 8:00 am Monday morning and arrive in Wendover about 7:00 PM (8:00 mountain time).  Mark and Bob (our new crew member) will be setting up our pits on Tuesday and getting the car inspected.  James & I are providing the Timing system, so we'll be spending most of Tuesday setting it up.  Racing starts Wednesday morning and runs until Saturday noon.  Then we pack up and head home.  Depending on when we finish packing up we may start for home either Saturday or Sunday.  This time, I wont predict  how fast we'll go, but the current record is 216mph.  Wait until a week from Monday and I'll let you know what happened.

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