Just a short one this time to let you all know what's happening. After our successful first race (with the new motor) we took two weeks off to do family things. However were back on the car full time now. This weekend is the October El Mirage race. Our big goal is to test the car with a new gear ratio, the 17/32 that we plan to use at Bonneville in less than 2 weeks. The last time I tried to predict how fast we would go, the car ran like crap, but I'll try again. The El Mirage H/GL record is 172.6, we DON'T want to break it since it would hurt us for points next year. We are going to try for 168-170mph to check how well we can shoot for a speed. I'll let you know on Monday what happened.

We found a crew member that's going to spend the whole week with us at Bonneville. For those of you that know him, it's Bob Visser. Additionally, my mom & dad may stop by for a few days as well as my Uncle and Aunt, Doug & Sandy Musgrove. Doug & Sandy are former Road Rally Champions and have dabbled in various forms of racing. It looks like we'll have plenty of gofers. By Oct 17th, the first day of the Bonneville World Finals, we need to install a new fire extinguisher system, a computer data logger, change out 6 tires, 4 for the race car and 2 for the trailer as well as lots of other little things. Unfortunately it won't get painted before the race, just remember, ugly is only skin deep.

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