This last weekend we raced the new motor for the first time at the SCTA race.  Being the first meet after Bonneville Speed Week (lots of broken cars not fixed yet) and with the tragic events it was one of the smallest races I can remember.  There were only half as many racers as in usual - about 60 entries.  We made the 33 run.marks_run0.jpg
Even though we race against the clock, this is still a race, and there is a lot of strategy.  Points are awarded for your performance compared to the record in your class.  The formula is 2 points for each percentage of the record plus a bonus of 25 points if you break the record.  With our mediocre runs during the spring, we decided to go easy on it this fall.  We don't want to set a record that we'll have to break again next spring, the points will do us more good next year. For that reason, we only ran the new motor up to 4th gear (of 6).  It had no trouble getting there by half track and after going through the power band, it toping about 10,000 RPMs. This gave us a speed of 156 MPH on the first run and 158 MPH on the second.  The new parachute worked perfectly - nice and steady, but didn't slow the car down as quickly as we have been use to with the old one.  This is not a problem, just something to get use to.  The wind limited the race to only two runs each, so we'll wait until Oct 7th's race to try out 5th gear.
(Our trailer on the way off of the lake bed -  Look for this trailer if your trying to find us at the races)

October 17-20th is the BNI - World Finals at Bonneville Utah.  We are looking for a motorhead or two that wants to crew for us at this meet.  Several readers have said that would like to attend as spectators - which is fine - but we need a few crew members as well.  Qualified persons will receive food and lodging for the week at the finest Wendover has to offer as well as a tee shirt!.  To be qualified you should have owned or operated a race car and raced at a sanctioned event before, as well as being familiar with basic automotive operation (Randy, Tim, Doug M.  I'm talking to you).  World Finals is one of the COOLEST races you'll ever attend.  This is where almost all of the world records are set and broken.  Our intention (not finalized yet) is to go for a BNI International record.  Please let me know if you are interested in crewing.  Bonneville is NOT hot in OCT,  it is cool in the morning and gets to short sleeves by noon.

That's all for a week or two,  I'll catch you up some time before the next race on OCT 7th.

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