There is still water on the lakebed from the recent storms so there will be no race this weekend.

From the SCTA Page:

At 9 AM Sept. 10, there was standing water, starting at what would have been our September meet finish line and extending eastward to almost the east shoreline. (About 2 miles)  This was the result of a large storm last Thursday. That water had been there for 6 days already, and the moisture extended very deep. The other areas of the lake, which were not muddy, were moist.

I met with the BLM rep., course surgeon Lonnie Martin and course expert Chuck Kalbach and the consensus was that even if the water was to dry on the surface by Sunday, the ground would remain soft for a significant depth and to try to run the event would cause extreme damage to the fragile surface.

The BLM has closed the entire lakebed to all travel and I am hoping our weekend patrols will be able to prevent any damage.

Roy Creel - SCTA Pres.


PS. We are still looking for someone that want's an all expence paid trip to Bonneville this October for the World Finals.
-Alan Rice

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