This coming Sunday (Sept. 16) is the SCTA El Mirage meet.  This will be the first meet with  our new engine.  As of right now,  we still have a few things left to work on.   James, Mark & I spent almost all of Sunday working on the car behind James' work trying to complete all of the remaining issues before the race.  Besides putting in a new motor,  we need to do all of the work involved with a major class change.   Last week we installed the Parachute release but we still needed to attach the parachute to the car and cut the rear cowling to fit around the 'chute.


The biggest job was trying to squeeze the exhaust pipe between the electronics, the air tank and the fuel tank.  To protect the electronics and the fuel system we added a heat shield to pipe.  Mark spent much of the day cutting, welding and grinding until we had a workable system.  James designed and fabricated a complex mounting bracket to hold the pipe.

(the thing that looks like a muffler is the heat shield)

With the exhaust done,  we fired up the motor for the first long test run. We had never run it for more then 5 seconds before Sunday afternoon.  It was loud enough that we attracted a small crowd, among them are my sister and brother in law and a few people from James' work.


Once the car is running, you got to drive it!  We needed to try out the shifter as well.   James drove it, his response.... OOOOOOOOO!!!!

(so fast the camera sees it twice!)

4 more notes:

  1. We have most of these news letters posted to the web now so you can catch up on any you missed.  http://www.csulb.edu/~jhrice/index.html
  2. I would like to thank two of our supporters who have helped with out efforts: Ford Electronics & Composite Sports
  3. The response to the new format of the newsletter was 7 FOR, 1 against.  But the voting is still open.
  4. If your planning to go to the El Mirage race, here are the directions:

We are at the races to race. Please forgive us if we are less sociable with you then you expected after your long drive, but we need to concentrate on what we are doing.

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