It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

All of the sand has run out of the hour glass here at my company, Keen Personal Media. If your looking for a hardware engineer give me a call, at home, the phone here wont work after tomorrow morning.  I knew it was risky when I started over two years ago.  By the way I'll get the last of my email tonight so if your going to reply, do it quick, after today until I get another personal address you can contact me through my brother.

On to more exciting stuff like racing.  We have a race this weekend at El Mirage.  Stop by on Sunday to say hi if you come up there.  Also we updated the web page with a lot of photos from the early development of the car.  I'll try to let you know how we do this weekend.

-Alan Rice
Electronic Design Engineer
Keen Personal Media, a Western Digital Company
(949) 672-6396 (Desk)
(949) 672-6189 (Lab)
(949) 651-3048 (Pager)

Note:  A few weeks after this was originally sent, Alan was re-hired by Western Digital.

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