Itís been a few weeks since I put out newsletter so Iíll catch you up on all stuff thatís been happening. First of all, the next race is June 10th. Unfortunately, Markís work schedule will prevent him for attending. Additionally, James, and to some extent myself, need to spend some time at the timing stand. Weíll be racing the car but we could really use a motor-head or two to help out as crew. This is beyond our normal invitation to come up and watch the races, we need someone thatís been there before and knows how the races work and is willing to drive the push-car.

We spent a lot of time fitting the rear cowling onto the car, making the mounting brackets, re-enforcing the fiberglass, etc. The final mounting will be with Dzus fasteners, but for now itís held on with pop-nuts & pan-head screws.

We have always called the rear cowling "the Doghouse", since... well, it looks like a doghouse. After attaching it, I wanted to be sure it was strong enough so I figured I could lay on it Snoopy style.  Normally I donít put this much stress on a fiberglass part but it should be strong enough. By the way, its VERY round & slippery!

The canopy is still a few weeks away from completion but we worked on the lower fiberglass piece that will exactly match the roll cage. We did this by covering the cage with mold release and directly applying the fiberglass to it.  Tonight weíll see if we can remove the part or if we need to cut it off and start over.

If any of you visit the new Disney attraction here in Orange County called "California Adventure" stop by the area called "Condor Flats". It is modeled after the airports and air bases of the Mojave desert with lots of aviation theme props & rides. There is however a gift shop styled after a automotive garage. Inside, on the lift, is a Bellytank Lakester that is remarkably like ours. Very Cool!

Until next week.....

PS. Ask Mark about the cool aerial video of his new house, as seen on the 11íoclock news...

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