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Our first race of the season is this Sunday, (May 18th). As a result we've been busy over the last few weeks. Our first order of business was to get our loaner engine from Southwest Superbikes running. In the past, most new motors have given a little trouble trying to start the first time. This time was almost anticlimactic. The engine started right up and ran smooth and powerful.

Warming up and checking the engine.

We did a bunch of leak checking but everything was great, so after a few minutes we shut it down and got on to other things. One of the biggest was finishing the exhaust. Mark had reworked our exhaust over the winter but needed a Hayabusa in the car to finish it off with braces, etc. While Mark worked on that, Alan worked on tying in our new fuel pressure sensor and exhaust Oxygen sensor. James started installing a 6th belt for the harness. Our racing association now requires that reclined drivers have an extra belt that attaches to the floor near the driver's knees, (the location is clearly defined but that's about where it winds up), to keep the shoulder belts tight in a accident. After contacting a number of places, Glen Barrett suggested Crow Enterprises in Fullerton. They had exactly what we needed at a very reasonable cost. I highly recommend them for driver restraint systems.

Our new 6 point seat belt
Besides all the little things on the car, there were also a number of little things left to finish on the trailer, mostly electrical. One by one were each thing got finished, and last Saturday, we realized we were ready to race, a full seven days ahead of time, a new world's record.

Only thing left to do is race.

The last of the parts for our own engine arrived last week from APE. Richard of Southwest Superbikes offered to rebuild our motor and dyno it for us. After a few seconds of thought we agreed, and everything got packed up into 3 heavy boxes and shipped to Texas. Yeah, I know it's a long way to go to have a motor built, but these guys know Hayabusas better than anyone so we decided to go with the best. Thanks Richard!

Here are a few notes if you are planning to attend the races this Sunday (May 18th) at El Mirage:

From most of So-Cal take I15 north towards the Cajon Pass.
Turn off at Hwy 138 west (some times called the Wrightwood cutoff) Follow 138 over the
top of the hill and stay on 138 for another ½ mile to Phalen turn off (Sheep Creek RD)
Follow Sheep Creek Rd through Phalen (last place for food & Gas) all the way to El
Mirage HWY (about 15 miles)
At El Mirage HWY turn Right and drive a few miles to find access road for the lake (Look
for signs big and small saying El Mirage Lake Access)
Turn Left (North) on to dirt road and follow the signs onto the lake bed
Once onto the lake bed we are at the far (North-west) end. Look for a long sliver trailer
#9999 with a "RV" painted on it

PLEASE BE CAREFUL - El Mirage is one of the most dangerous places I've ever been. It
looks so safe people stop being careful.
The speed limit during the races is only 25 MPH. ( I know that other people are going
faster, but the limit is 25)
Please watch for lines of traffic cones marking the track. If you see a line of cones stay very
near them until you are certain of which side you are supposed to be on.
The weather is very hot and there is NO water or other services.
During the races (and at night) it can be VERY loud. Our car is much louder now then it
use to be.
Dogs do not like the noise and have been known to run away.
We are at the races to race. Please forgive us if we are less sociable with you then you
expected after your long drive, but we need to concentrate on what we are doing.

James Alan Mark
Rice/Vigeant Racing

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