Sorry this is a few days late, we spent the weekend & Monday moving Mark Vigeantís family into their new Garage/workshop with attached house. :)

The biggest news is that the car is race ready! We finished up the fire wall, the engineís fire system and the dashboard wiring (at least enough to race). Our brand new SFI-15 Fire suit arrived this morning, but the helmet has not, I hope itís here by Friday. The final items on our hit list are so simple that we will do them up at the races, they are:

We still havenít been able to get the rear body panel mounted but we can race without it, the same goes for the drivers canopy. We will be working over next few weeks to get them put on. The attached photos show the car with all of the body panels set into place. I know that itís not that photogenic right now BUT we are race ready. We are hoping to have all of the body panels on by the June race and the paint on by the July race. The second photo just shows some what we have done differently on this car.

If you are planning to attend the races this Sunday (May 6th) at El Mirage, here are a few notes:

We are at the races to race. Please forgive us if we are less sociable with you then you expected after your long drive, but we need to concentrate on what we are doing.

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