No pictures today.

James & I worked every night last week on finishing up little things on the car. Sunday we took it down to San Diego so mark could help.

Things worked on or finished:

Lots of other things like replacing a bunch of assembly nuts and bolts with the final sets (grade 5 with lock nuts)

Saturday we took the car in for a pre-inspection. The inspector liked everything he saw and had no issues with any of the work completed.

This week we should get the rear body panel from the fiberglass shop. With luck James & I will be able to attach it this coming weekend. Our biggest hurdle now is getting a new fire-suit, our old one is now out of date. I ordered a new suit and helmet this morning and with luck it will arrive in time. If not, weíll try to borrow one.

The first race is Sunday May 6th (water permitting, after all we do race on a lake). If you are interested in attending the meet, Iíll post directions next week.

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