We haven't been idle for the past month, but we don't have a lot to show for it. For 3 weeks, almost all we did was body work, which mostly meant sanding, sanding, sanding, apply a little Bondo, and repeat. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Repeat.

We did look at the design for our new intake air scoop.
We had been using two 1 x 5 NACA ducts but they didn't seem to supply enough air. So we are going with a design that several of the fast streamliners are using. Hopefully, this will be enough air.
The scoop has been designed in 3d, and rib profiles, every ¼ inch have been created. Now all we have to do is fasten them all together, plaster the assembly, sand to shape. Fiberglass to make a mold, sand the mold, fiberglass to make two halves, join the halves, and attach the scoop to the car. No problem...

But here's the news many of you have been waiting for, THE CAR HAS BEEN PAINTED!! At least with a primer coat. Last Sunday, Alan and I built a Painting booth In Mark's side yard. We used our Bonneville sun shade, lined with plastic, and filled with filtered air. Then we brought the car inside, along with all the covers, etc, and we sprayed two coats of primer. The first was a metal primer to get a good stick to the exposed metal areas, and the second was a self-curing, epoxy primer. We ran out before we could apply a few more coats, so we'll have to pick up some more epoxy primer.
Sorry, no pictures of the primer yet, the film's still in the camera.

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